Mike Wilner

I'm a former founder helping startup founders strategize and prepare for fundraising.


My Story

Cutting my teeth

I joined the second inaugural class of Venture for America in 2013 and moved out to Detroit. I worked for a startup for two years alongside other VFA Fellows who helped scale their startups and start their own companies, like Banza, Slope, and Castle. In 2015, I moved to Philadelphia to start my own startup.

Shooting my shot

I started a web design marketplace called Compass with two other Venture for America Fellows, joined the VFA Accelerator based in First Round Capital's offices (alongside other fellow-founded startups like Leagueside, Ash & Erie, and Magnolia), raised over $800K in two angel rounds over the course of two years, built our team up to nine, and did over $500K in sales. Then, we pivoted to a SaaS client billing software for freelancers (Sail) which was acquired in early 2018. 

Helping both sides of the table

I now serve as a Venture Advisor to Chaac Ventures and Venture for America. I help them evaluate seed stage deals while also helping their portfolio companies with early stage challenges. I also work with startups on fundraising prep.

My Recent Articles